"8 Pillars For Business Growth Shows The Eight Strategies On How To Build A 7-Figure Accounting Business

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Inside you’ll discover how to run a hugely successful accounting business that will dramatically increase your income.

8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth is THE must-have resource for accountants. Increase your income, work when and where and how you want by attracting more of your ideal client.

8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth addresses the critical issues affecting accountants who are struggling to make a high six- or seven-figure income. For example:

  • Too many accountants hit an income ceiling, and never make the kind of money (or the kind of impact) that they deserve. There are three plateaus: Survival, Stability and Success (yes, even success) … and you’ll learn how to break through all of them.
  • Most accountants blame themselves, and try to work on their mindset – a HUGE mistake. It’s NOT your mindset that needs to change, it’s your MODEL.
  • The model you use today (manual prospecting to get a few leads, one-to-one selling and time-for- money hourly billing) is NEVER going to get you where you want to be. Instead, you need a scalable, one-to-many model. You’ll discover exactly how to do it.

Over the last seven years, Jeff Borschowa has trained and mentored a select group of accountants, taking them from Stability to Success and Scale. He shares the very best of what is working for them so you can become a MILLION DOLLAR ACCOUNTANT.

This book is essential reading for accountants of all experience-levels and types and is of particular value for anyone looking to start an accounting business to short cut growing pains and quickly rise to become a MILLION DOLLAR ACCOUNTANT.

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